Dave has confided, in an interview given to Nice-Matin, on the relationship of fifty years with Patrick Loiseau. It turns out that if they work very well together, there is a topic that comes up pretty regularly on the table of discord…




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Dave and Patrick Loiseau maintain a relationship balance that gives us a good example of longevity of a couple. Between the singer and the author, it is indeed a very long love story, they have been dating for almost fifty years ! Dave has said more about the key elements that structure their marriage, whether good or bad, with Nice Morning this Tuesday, 2 June 2020. “On February 7, 2021, it will be 50 years that I am with Patrick ! Probably because by working together, we begin to get to know a little… there is no effect of the sudden revelation of the other, once having reached the age of retirement, which can create friction in both couples ‘lambda’.” It must be said that in addition to their partnership with the city, they have worked together since almost as many years, Patrick Loiseau working as the lyricist for Dave. It appears in the credits of most of his greatest songs, which Du côté de chez Swann and even the famous Vanina.

Patrick Loiseau and Dave : a retreat animated

Dave tells Nice-Matin that he spent the whole of the containment as a couple in the Vaucluse. Outside of its skid in the media about the Eurovision, he and Patrick Loiseau have spent such good times as the singer exclaimed : “It made me almost want to leave Paris !” It also reveals a recurring theme, however, comes to animate their fresh agreement : “Between Patrick Loiseau and me, one of our unique patterns of disputes is our bitch, as it is much more permissive than me with it, whereas before, it was the reverse !” In waiting to take the tour of her last album, Remember love, produced by Renaud, the singer is 76-year wait for the 5 June on France 3 to present 300 Choirs, on one of his favourite themes : the 70’s ! Dave and Patrick Loiseau appreciate so a retirement was entirely relative, since the singer is also scheduled for a series of prime-time throughout the summer on the private channel Melody. The passion for music never takes his retirement !