06 June 2020La pandemic coronavirus feel strong its grip onLatin America these days,and in the last 24 hours, the curve of new infections has shown a clear soaring with 1.238.101 cases (+84.163), while deaths have reached the level of usd 62.195 (+2.851). And’ what emerges from a statistical processed by the Loop on the basis of the data of 34 countries and territories in Latin america.

The Brazil continues to attract the attention of experts and the number of the people infected, 645.771 (+30.830), both for deaths that are 35.026 (+1.005). In the second place, the Peru (187.400 and 5.162), and the third Chile (122.499 and 1.448).

Among nations with more than 5,000 infections in the Mexico (110.026 e13.170), l’Ecuador (41.575 and 3.534), the Colombia (36.635 and 1.145), the Dominican Republic (18.708 and 525), l’Argentina (21.037 and 632), Panama (15.044 and 363), and Bolivia (12.245 e415), the Guatemala (6.154 158) and l’Honduras (5.880, and 243).

The cases of coronavirus in the Usa are now 1.9 million, and the victims 109 thousand, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University. But the most alarming fact – says the New York Times on the basis of the bank data – is that you are still traveling at an average of more than 20 thousand new cases per day: 21.614 on Thursday, especially in the south of the Country and part of the western coast, characterized by new outbreaks. Great concern is also linked to the possible upsurge of cases because of the protests going on in all of the Usa.