Difficult for the viewers of TF1 to resist Claude. For the third time, the adventurer of 40 years will be taking part in Koh-Lanta, and, again this season, he is in the final. The beautiful brown faces Naoil and Inès in the event of the posts and could finally win the game of adventure. It fully deserves it in any case, as highlighted each week on the internet, on Twitter.

Every Friday, the prowess of Claude are greeted on the social networks. That has not jumped for joy at the sight of win immunities ? Who hasn’t cheered when he gave a good lesson to Inès, and then to be Governed in the eliminating to the gates of the final ? The fact that it helps Naoil, Alexandra and Moussa in the test of orientation without penalizing also has much impressed the public. Difficult, therefore, not to fall under the charm of the candidate. Elsewhere, Estelle Denis went up to him to make a marriage proposal on Twitter. And several people claim at the time of each dissemination of their love and admiration for the old Red. To the point that Konbini has done an article titled “Why are we all lovers of Claude de Koh-Lanta”, featuring the quote from a user saying that he is a man “true, reliable, sincere, and exciting.” These are the qualities that make you dream. Some even go so far as to say that they would like to have relationship very intimate with him.

If the dad of Andrea (4 years) and Marceau (born in January) must be amused by the situation, this is less the case of his wife Virginia. The young woman got wind of the article of our colleagues and has shared in story Instagram. “It’s relaxing now, that’s MY man, Claude”, she wrote in the caption, with émojis that are a blink of an eye and pull the language. But at the bottom of it, Virginia knows that she alone has been the beating heart of Claude for many years. Their romance is the most beautiful victories.

A guest on Fun Radio in the issuance of Bruno Guillon on Friday, 5 June 2020 to be a few hours of the final, Claude has also reacted to this high popularity. “It is clear that it makes me very happy to have such good feedback. This is never easy to participate in a game where if they eliminate each other and out with a quasi-image to 99%… where the people are satisfied”, he rejoiced. He will be able to boast of having made a without fault if he wins Koh-Lanta 2020 this evening.