In a new interview with the magazine Madame Figaro this June 5, 2020, Charlotte Gainsbourg has given of his new from New York, where she is living with her three children for several years. The opportunity for the actress and performer of 48 years to discuss the health crisis of the american point of view, but also tell what it has done to this confinement period.

“I am still confined to New York with my children, and this since two months. I had a great attachment to this city because it’s been six years that I live there, but to see her in this state… It’s so sad all these places closed, all these people unemployed… so much misery. This is terrible, ” she says first. This is also where I am aware that a part of the United States, a country that I love, is in a different culture. When there is a serious problem, as it is the case, we realize that we want to go ‘home’.” Although installed in the Big Apple, Charlotte Gainsbourg comes back regularly in France, excluding health crisis, project professionals or even Paris Fashion Week.

In the absence of being able to resume the path of shooting, the star has concentrated on other forms of art these past few weeks : the photograph, including his daughter Jo as a model, but also the music : “I thought that this would be impossible in these conditions, but I am in the process of making a new album, ( … ). I write during these events, and I know that until my death, it will remain an album that will reflect the moment that I live, that we all live in.”

Has the image of her famous parents, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, the actress and singer keeps a certain detachment vis-à-vis his artistic activity : “I was always told that one is not an artist if you can’t afford to spend its part of Me, I can. I live like my parents : they did not have a life ‘artistic’, they were having fun. They had lived through the 1970s to the max, they went out. It was the night clubs, without judgment, a social life is sensational, but they were not ‘artists’, she remembered. They were doing an album in haste – my father wrote the night before for the next day. There was no home this side ‘cursed artist”‘, in constant creation.”