This Wednesday, June 3, BFM TV, Margaux de Frouville has been taclée several times by Didier Raoult. A maintenance and very tense, which has angered some of the viewers, but not the journalist. Knowing the character, she expected to be treated that way.

Didier Raoult



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“Shhh, shut up, you ! “: it is as well as Didier Raoult responded to several questions from Margaux de Frouville this Wednesday, June 6. The professor is shown to be very contemptuous with the head of the health service BFM TV throughout their interview, which was also attended by Ruth Elkrief. When he announced not to the young journalist the “quiet” command, the infectiologist swept his remarks with a flip of the hand. “What is it that you want me all ? “he has-t-he for example started, not wanting to respond to a point raised by the expert during the interview. If the multiple peaks of Didier Raoult have shocked some of the viewers, Margaux de Frouville was not really a surprise. As she said this Thursday, June 4 in The Big Mouths, she knew that this would happen. “I was expecting the worst. I have read and listened to her previous interviews and I know that this is not a tender, she explained. He has a habit of breaking and delegitimize his interlocutors when a question is not necessarily in its meaning. “

Didier Raoult plays a character in front of the cameras ?

The head of the health service of BFM TV, told that on this day, Didier Raoult was obviously in the mood to make a few passes weapons with the press. “We spent 3h50 with him and you had to just go and greet him in his office at the departure. In fact, it kept us almost 3/4 of an hour. We did not even had the time to sit down that one has been assaulted, has told Margaux de Frouville. Ruth Elkrief has been very well establish the atmosphere more peaceful, more balanced. He told us immediately : “You take me for an outsider.” Nothing was said, huh ! It was felt that he had a desire to get into a match. “It is for this reason that it is “not formalized” during the interview, fully aware that there was a part of show : “off, off interview, I found it much more friendly so I think he also plays a bit of this game. It works to despise and hate the media, journalists, ” she explained. Especially when it comes to a woman… ” It’s part of the character, he plays it too. He knows that it is directed at a woman, I’m young in addition. I think he knows very well what he’s doing, has assured the journalist. It has not, however, had the same tone with Ruth Elkrief. “Nor with the majority of journalists are male (with the notable exception of David Pujadas) who were interviewed.