Usually NetherRealm Studios is working on the scheme “one game every two years”, alternating between the new part of Mortal Kombat and Injustice. So after the release the following project update for the previous cease to exit. This time ed boon is going to support the game longer than usual. We got a big plot extension for MK11 – Aftermath. Also became available a full version Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Kollection, which includes all extensions at once.

The addition includes five new chapters of storyline, clothes and three men: Shiva, Fujinami and Robocop. In addition, all players MK11 (regardless of whether they bought the DLC or not) received free long-awaited Stage Fatality, Friendship and classic arena.

Finishing off the new look as always powerful, spectacular and absurd. However, for me personally fatalities has long lost any value. I often do just the uppercut to quickly get to the next fight, and another set of inventive murders I was not really impressed.

Another thing is amusing and sometimes funny Friendship, which a lot of jokes and references to the first parts of the series, as well as various popular events. Players are warmly welcomed these “fatalities,” and JAX, playing the saxophone, quickly turned into a meme that has spread on social networks.

Arena also came out very decent. Dead Pool and the Soul Chamber – new highly detailed scenery, in which recognizable famous locations of the second and third parts. In turn, Retro Arcade plays on nostalgic feelings: the arena looks like an arcade room with a large screen and projector, which in turn transmit pixel backdrops from the classic Mortal Kombat. All three locations are interesting.

The history of Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath continues the events of the original campaign exactly where they left off in the finale of the story. Numbering of chapters is based on previous episodes. Not to spoil the experience for those who do not know what happened, let me just say that the heroes need a special artifact to correct the situation. This is reported escaped from the void Fujin, nightwolf and Shang Tsung. Now the heroes have to go into the past.

Brave trio goes to search for the artifact at the head with a cunning sorcerer, played by the famous actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. The latter often makes jokes, teasing satellites and behaves appropriately villain, be in the company of the good guys.

The authors simply could not do without references. From the mouth of Shang Tsung pulled out phrases like “It has begun”, or variations on the theme of “Your soul is mine”. This, together with advanced facial animation and magnificent staging creates a cinematic atmosphere. Sometimes you don’t want to be distracted by the gameplay.

The battle scenes are pleasing to the eye entertainment and ingenuity. Sometimes the characters work as a team and use the abilities of each other to reinforce military pressure. For example, to cope with the crowds of opponents, Fujin spins like a whirlwind Night of the wolf as a meat grinder, and the one using axes, instantly destroys enemies.

Looking for high quality local savers, it makes you wonder about the lack of need for a new full-length adaptation.

It is also important to note that in the last Chapter, you can choose the character that you play, and depends on the end of the story.

Despite the fact that history cannot boast of unpredictability, the writers try to play on the expectations of the audience and to maintain the delicate intrigue as long as possible.

Globally, the whole situation seems clear and simple but unexpected plot details and some twists will surprise fans, especially those who closely followed the plot of the series from the beginning.

The structure of the script is constructed in such a way as to use additional characters, as well as to showcase the new arena. In separate chapters we are allowed to play for Night of the Wolf, Fujinami, Shiva, Shang Tsung, Sindel and even Shao Kahn.

In addition, writers have tried to better explore the world and reveal the characters.

After completing the original story MK11 I have the impression that the developers specifically want to complete all of the storyline to postpone the series, and then after some time again restart it. After the final Aftermath, it seems that the restart of the universe may be much earlier.

The four Princess glimpse of Shiva was presented in the original story mode and thanks to the Aftermath finally returned as a full-fledged fighter. Her movements are quite slow, but some techniques allow a good control of the distance and to confront the “Sonera”.

For example, the jump marking the opponent blocks and punishes those who like to shoot. It is worth to remember that this actions are quite easy to Dodge, so use it wisely.

In tournament variations Siva it seems straightforward. She has no more opportunities for fraudulent maneuvers or simple outputs for powerful combinations of hits, and because of the speed it is difficult to fight against fast opponents. These enemies, it is better to try to keep at medium and long distances, where Shiva is the likelihood of a successful counterattack.

I would not recommend Shiva for beginners and players who seldom play fighting games, it requires a tactical approach and is more suitable for those who prefer to build their strategy based on the behavior of the opponent.

For a casual audience good the next guest of the series – Robocop. Considering the developers love the cinematic confrontation, after adding the Terminator, many are talking that the game will appear and the famous cyborg COP. When faced in a battle, before a battle one asks the other, if they crossed paths before. This is another reference to the famous game RoboCop versus The Terminator for example, a high with platforms.

A new character voiced by Peter Weller – the actor who played him in the original novels. Appearance and animations are easily recognized, which will please fans of the militants of the nineties.

The character is well able to control the distance, while maintaining or reducing the distance when needed. In the Arsenal of Robocop is a shield, which makes it blocks any ranged attacks and melee attacks meets a powerful counterattack.

In addition, the hero has some great combinations with punches and dropped on top of as well as convenient access to the large combos. It seems simple and versatile.

The experts from NRS tried to work out Robocop to the smallest detail. During x-ray attacks his insides are all metal and not like a human, except for the head.

In the character editor, you can remove his helmet, followed by the face of Peter Weller. But, in addition to the original appearance, there are other options, including design, approximating to the traditional MK cyber ninjas.

The third newcomer of the Aftermath – the God of wind Fujin. The character first appeared in MK4 and loved by many fans of the series, but after the Quartet appeared only in MK Armageddon. Design a Japanese warrior with a handsome sword and abilities tied to the use of wind, make it distinctive and different from other fighters in the series. His three tournament variations aimed at different style of game that allows you to choose a suitable set of techniques and win, for example, using the outputs on the longest combo in the first iteration, a strong pressure in the second or distance control in the third.

A large number of ligaments and a variety of special moves and offer the possibility to create long and powerful series of attacks. However, his attacks require the player to meet the strict and not always intuitive timings that the hero makes are directed primarily at skilled gamers.

Mortal Kombat 11 for a year supported by the developers, and during that time appeared in the game mode of the League, from the League tables and prizes like skins with unique prints. Most of the options seem strange to me, but sometimes there are interesting options.

However, the main innovations this year were received by the holders of battlepacks, which is also part of Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Kollection. It includes six characters: Shang Tsung, nightwolf, Terminator T-800, Sindel, Joker and spawn, as well as six thematic collections of costumes, including the “Classic arcade ninja.”

Shang Tsung is one of the most recognizable characters in the series. A vile sorcerer and schemer is back in MK11 as a playable fighter. As mentioned above, the face and the voice was borrowed from Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and the list of skins there is an option to cloak, identical to what was in the film adaptation of Paul Anderson.

In the list of receptions of traditional fireball witch that will be useful for distance control and connection with other attacks. Due to technical limitations, the character for many years are not free to turn in all the fighters like in the original games, but this time the developers have gracefully risen to the occasion, adding to the villain the ability to transform into three colored ninjas using their distinctive techniques.

Shang Tsung has a simple ligament of attacks, including the fatal blows, running like a top and a bottom, which requires opponents to react quickly to a change of direction. Character equally good will be felt at the initial stage of learning the game, and at an advanced competitive level.

Night Wolf. Personally, I was waiting for the Indian still in the first team along with Shiva and was upset when they have not seen. The character was interesting. He can call on the spirits of different animals like a wolf or a bear. The first increases the damage and the second can tighten things up.

In addition, different variants can be found additional techniques that use axes. Such techniques help the Wolf to get large bundles of hits or terminate their spectacular capture. And native American in the Arsenal is a bow and arrows, with which he can perfectly control the distance.

Terminator T-800. The cyborg-killer in the performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger should please fans of the films of the nineties. The developers came up with a love of this guest and have tried to keep the spirit of the character not only his techniques, but different references and phrases from the movies. The appearance of a fighter can be divided into two types. First, where Arnold young, and second, where gray-haired and bearded. I liked the option with one iron hand and red eye. As in the case of a goonie, the inside of the T-800 fully made of iron.

“Iron Arnie” uses powerful grips, and attacks, combining bundles of bumps on the top and bottom that makes the enemy all the time to react to the change of direction of blows. In addition, in the Arsenal of a shotgun, which allows you to attack the enemy at a distance, and grenades, which he rolls across the floor.

In one of the variations of the T-800 is at the end of the battle to turn into an iron skeleton, and instead of losing the player gets a second chance. This technique seems outright imbalance, so the developers decided not to include it in a tournament variation.

Queen Sindel is a great character for those who love simple and varied bundles of attacks. The developers tried to use her famous deafening cry in different techniques. Some such attacks help to keep or reduce the distance. And, of course, in the Arsenal of the heroine is still present capture hair. Royal hairstyle is pulls opponents from a medium distance, which helps to control the course of the fight, not approaching the enemy close. Thanks to simple and intuitive techniques for Sindel would be nice to play even for beginners.

Team NRS is not the first time trying to add the Joker in their games. After MKvsDCU evil clown appeared twice in the main part of Injustice, but because of the features of the character, it was often very difficult and demanding on the skill of the player. At this time the developers have tried to consider all the errors and they finally did a strong and hard fighter for the initial development. However, he is one of the strongest fighters for the game at the competitive level.

The Joker has a variety of combinations of hits and a lot of different movements that can be used for deceptive maneuvers. One of the special moves refers to the famous Joker performed by Heath Ledger. Evil clown is trying to remotely detonate a bomb, but the button doesn’t work the first time.

As for Spawn, it waited another second Injustice. License character the developers have received for a long time, but decided that this brutal character more suited to a brutal and bloody showdown MK.

Spawn a balanced and diverse character. In his assets are as ranged attacks with an average radius, and powerful ligaments bumps that can easily be connected in one combination. The character can successfully maintain pressure or to keep the opponent at a short distance to conduct counter-attacks after the opponent misses.

11 Mortal Kombat: Kollection Aftermath is a great reissue, which include an interesting story addition, expanding the game world and adds three cool characters, and a full “combat kit” with six new fighters. They all have their unique features and are aimed at different audiences. A new Chapter in the history of well orchestrated and constitute a fascinating mini-series with breaks in the gameplay. In addition, new arenas, and the introduction Stage Fatality and Friendship will delight old fans of the series.