The former footballer and the prosecutor Massimo Brambati at the Maracana, in the afternoon of TMW Radio, spoke of the resumption of the championship.

What do you think of the calendar?
“It is a pleasure only to start again with everything and you go back to normal. Controversy? This also means normal. We managed, however, to understand that with the will and the spirit of sacrifice, you can obtain important results like this. We are also studying the ways also to fill stadiums. And it is important, because the engine of this sport are also the fans”.

What do you expect now?
“This second part is false the first. If Juventus-Lazio will be played behind closed doors, those who played with the doors open and the away leg was found in conditions of disadvantage. It is a pleasure to review a world to again, but it is something anomalous, that will determine the winning team”.

For the Italy Cup will serve as a derogation of the Government. It will be possible, in your opinion?
“The most important thing is that you have an agreement and that the curve for the epidemiological lend a hand, to ensure that the stages are back to fill up. You have to give the opportunity to people, that is the engine of this sport, to come back to enjoy it. You should rightly start with the proper precautions, but I hope that by the end of the championship you can go back to see the match”.

Tare spoke to Sky Sport transfer market is poor now and her jewels, opening to a farewell to Milinkovic:
“They will be at least 3 sessions the market made by a few purchases cash and a lot of exchanges and loans. Will come out as leaders of quality. There will still be teams like Psg, who will face some of the costs, yes, lower than before, but still high. With regard to Lazio, I know that Tare is attenzionato from big clubs because it is deemed a ds important. There could be some surprise management. Tara, last year had been close to Milan. Who knows, maybe in the near future will be able to get closer to other big teams”.