Simon Rolfes, sport director of Bayer Leverkusen, has granted a long interview to the As, where he spoke of the resumption of the Bundesliga and Kai Havertz, the jewel of the German team: “We started well, winning three matches out of four. We are happy, considering the circumstances. it is difficult to maintain the voltage at 100% playing a lot of games in a few days. Our goal is qualifying for the Champions League, our team is growing”.

Havertz phenomenon – “we do Not know what will be its future. All the great of european football, are searching for him, can play anywhere. Is a fantastic player, I enjoy to see him play and I hope that the face-to-long in Bayer. It will be one of the rulers of football in the next ten years. The Bayern? Years buy all the best German talents and wins too often. It would be better if there were alternatives.”