Asus ROG II and TCL 10L certificate from Netflix to play in HD and HDR @BitFeedCo.

Netflix has updated its list of devices compatible with the vision of HD content and in HDR by adding a couple of smartphones developed by Asus and a couple from the TCL.

In particular, the HD playback on Netflix is now supported by the Asus ROG II, Asus ZenFone 6, TCL 10L and TCL 10 Pro while playing in HDR is supported by Asus ROG II and TCL 10L (strangely the Pro version of the Asus smartphone not figure among the smartphone supported).

Support for the playback of the content Netflix in HDR passes from the holder to the security system Widewine L1. For those not in the know, Widewine is a specific encryption algorithm that allows owners of content to make sure that they play properly and not be grossed up to then be transmitted back to the network in the manner of a pirate.

For companies like Netflix that have as the only source of income, that of the subscriptions, the protection against piracy is essential to not damage them in any significant manner (even if on the web you will find, on time and at a distance of a day from the first broadcast, the torrent of the main content Netflix in all resolutions).

In addition, we emphasize that, at least with regard to the level Widewine L3 (the lowest one that ensures the vision only in SD), some hackers have got the better of them.

Before leaving, we want to remember that Netflix has been forced to reduce the quality of the stream during the outbreak of coronavirus, and to ensure to all their subscribers to use the service, without buffering or delays of any kind.


Asus ROG II and TCL 10L certificate from Netflix to play in HD and HDR @BitFeedCo.