iOS 14: 7 things I want | Here’s the Concept of Marco Balletta [Video]

Marco Balletta is a talented Italian designer who contacted us to show us his personal Concept of iOS 14, through a video titled: “iOS 14: 7 the things that I would like to“.

Mark is not new on iSpazio, in fact, a long time ago we presented a concept of iOS 7, also released in a very accurate.

In the new video, you’ll see the functions that could actually appear on iOS 14, and that would please many people:

  • Ability to close all apps at the same time unless blocked by us
  • Messages that are editable
  • Dark mode advanced
  • Notifications are less intrusive, and Always-on Display
  • Equalizer music
  • Native settings within each app
  • New security options

What do you think?