Three plaintiffs have started a lawsuit in the United States that accuses Google of violating federal laws on wiretapping, monitoring the online activities of the users, even when they use the incognito browsing mode.

According to Reuters, collective action argues that by collecting hidden information on what people see online, and where to navigate when using the mode of the incognito of Chrome, Google has deceived intentionally the customers in the make believe have control over what information they share with the company.

According to the complaint filed with the federal court in San Jose, California, Google collects data through Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other applications and plug-ins of Web sites, including the smartphone app, regardless of the fact that the users are to click on ads supported by Google.

This helps Google know friends, hobbies, favorite foods, purchasing habits and even the things most intimate and potentially embarrassing” that users are searching for online, said the complaint.

Google “can not continue to engage in the collection of hidden data and not authorized from virtually all americans with a computer or a phone,“ said the complaint.

Google does know that he will defend himself “vigorously” by the accusations. The company spokesman stated the following:

The incognito mode in Chrome provides you the possibility to surf the Internet without your activity being saved on your browser or device. As we say clearly every time you open a new tab in incognito mode, the websites may still be able to collect information about your browsing activities.

The three plaintiffs argue that the cause probably covers “millions” of Google users that from 1 June 2016, have surfed the Internet using the incognito mode through Google Chrome. The class action proposal therefore requires damages to $ 5,000 per user for violations of wiretapping and federal privacy laws of the state of California, for an amount of at least $ 5 billion.