Apple installs a special software on his iPhone on display in Apple Store which makes it virtually useless to steal these devices. Measures even more important today, in full emergency protests in the United States.

apple store danni usa

Apple has closed several Apple Store to avoid damage and theft in the premises because of the protests for the tragic killing of George Floyd, but to deter the thieves we also think a special software installed on the iPhone are available within each store.

On the screen of the iPhone stolen from inside the Apple Store, appears a pretty clear message: “please return to the Apple Store on Walnut. This device has been disabled and is being monitored. Local authorities to be advised“.

iphone rubati

The image was shared on Twitter and confirms the fact that every iPhone on display in Apple Store is virtually unusable once you leave the premises of the shop. For each store is also specified its name.

There are more details on how it works exactly the tracking process, but it is however the first time you shared this particular message. In practice, when the iPhone is being stolen from the Apple Store, soon after they are automatically disabled and become unusable.

Unfortunately, these procedures have not prevented and do not prevent the theft of the iPhone within the Apple Store, with the thieves often find themselves only being able to sell some spare parts.