On the App Store comes a new interesting puzzle game that will take you to the discovery of the temple in the desert lost. For Apple devices is now available ALTER: Between Two Worlds.

ALTER: Between Two Worlds puts you in the shoes of the protagonist Ana, a sympathetic adventurer in search of the soul of pain and happiness. Your task will be to guide you through the different areas of the temple, collecting the atoms in order to continue towards his goal.

The simple graphics but at the same time treated is the contour levels filled with puzzles to solve in order to progress to the next level. Accompanying a soundtrack of great impact, able to offer an outline of sound of high profile with the gaming experience offered by the weblog title Crescent Moon Games.


The title is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and requires iOS 9 or later version. The cost of this work is 3,49 euros, a price that is balanced in spite of the lack of localization in Italian language. If you do not have problems with language barriers you can not miss this fantastic puzzle game, available on the App Store.

ALTER: Between Two Worlds – 3,49 euro