Zynn, the app clone of TikTok that pay users is in the top of the charts of the App Store

TikTok has a new competitor: Zynn, a clone almost perfect distinct for a particular: pay users to subscribe, watch videos and invite other friends.

The app was launched at the beginning of May and, as noted by Mashable, is now the free app number one in the App Store, and among the first 10 on the Google Play Store.

Zynn is completely a clone of TikTok. The main interface is identical, and both are oriented to watch a short video in portrait orientation. The large distinction is a countdown timer with a dollar sign in the middle of every video on Zynn.

While we look at the video, the timer fills up and gives us points, which we should be able to later redeem for cash or gift vouchers.

The other reason why the app has grown in popularity is due to the fact that it uses a pyramid scheme. Zynn is currently offering up to $ 110 for the users who invite five friends to subscribe also to the app. Of course, the user will get that particular amount only if those five friends continue to use the app on a regular basis after the initial registration.

Some users are, however, are experiencing problems in cash in their prizes.

As pointed out by Turner Novak, general partner of Gelt Venture Capital on Twitter, Zynn seems to be to use a schema reference pyramid. The options presented to you when you’re ready to withdraw your “earnings Zynn” seem to intentionally make it difficult to take your money and leave.

Now that Zynn is gaining attention, time will tell if Apple will remain on the App Store with its pyramidal system.