YouTube is implementing the new “Chapters” on mobile devices and the Web to allow users to jump over chunks that are specific to all videos on the platform.

One of the most annoying of YouTube, especially when you look at the video very long, is the inability to jump directly on the content that most interest us. Until now, users had to rely on YouTuber caring that added a list of timestamps in the descriptions of the video to help viewers in search of various content, but now things are about to change.

The function Chapters of YouTube allows content creators to embed the timestamp in the progress bar of the video. In this way, when the leftovers quickly using the toolbar, you will see a description of the topic to appear directly below the thumbnail image, with the possibility to jump directly to the point that you are interested in.

0:00 We heard you and added Video Chapters.
0:30 You liked it.
1:00 Now it’s official: Video Chapters are here to stay.
1:30 Creators, try Chapters by adding timestamps starting at 0:00 in to your video description. Viewers, scrub to find exactly what you’re looking for.
2:00 Enjoy!

— YouTube (@YouTube) May 28, 2020

To add the identification labels, the creators need only to type the timestamps are relevant in the description of a video during the loading. The video must have at least three chapters at least 10 seconds, and the first chapter must start at 0:00.

This feature was in test phase on a limited number of account, and will be available to all in the coming days.