Tile accuses Apple of abuse of power

The manufacturer of the accessory Tile has written a letter to the EU claiming that Apple is abusing his power and favoring unfairly their products.

As reported by the Financial Times:

In a letter sent Tuesday to european commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager, the manufacturer of the monitoring app with the California-based Tile has stated that Apple was making it more difficult for users to use your product on a smartphone compared to rival Apple, Where is, disabling selectively the features that enable a user experience without interruptions.

According to the report, the Tile has asked the EU to investigate Apple’s business practices, which he has done in the United States.

It seems that the manufacturer of accessories is concerned for the fact that the “recent changes” of the operating system of Apple have frustrated the user experience of Tile for customers. The report also notes that Apple is preparing to launch his “AirTag“, a direct competitor of his products.


In the letter, seen by the FT, the General Counsel of Tile would have reported that Apple had made “several steps to ensuring a completely, the company” in the last twelve months, making it more difficult for customers to use its products and services.