TIDAL has announced support for Dolby Atmos Music on Apple TV 4K, and on other devices, home theater compatible.

tidal doly atmos

The addition of Dolby Atmos Music port for a listening experience on TIDAL is still the most addictive and quality using the appropriate apps on devices such as Apple TV 4K.

Dolby Atmos Music guarantees an accuracy audio tracks similar to that of the recordings of the original, allowing users to discover details and subtleties otherwise undetectable.

To enable the feature on TIDAL, users must have a subscription to TIDAL HiFi active, hardware audio compatible Dolby Atmos and the latest version of the app TIDAL Music on compatible devices. Subscriptions TIDAL HiFi start from 19,99€ / month for a single user. By default, the Dolby Atmos Music will be automatically selected using the service TIDAL HiFi, and users can browse all the content available in the Explore section of the mobile app.

As well as on Apple TV 4K, the update will be ported to other devices including Android TV and selected versions of the Fire TV of Amazon. The update is in the process of rollout and will be available to all within a few days.