Telegram has recently passed the 500 million downloads on Play Store and soon should enrich his / her functionality with the arrival of the reactions to the messages. The news comes from the Twitter profile of Wabetainfo, a reference when it comes to know in advance the functions hidden in the code or in the testing phase in the messaging app competitor WhatsApp.

It’s funny to publish this here, [email protected] is working on message reactions (using hearts), available in a server-side update in the future 😜

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) May 29, 2020

At the time the reactions would be based on a heartthat can be broken or intact, thus covering approximately the two poles of the spectrum emotional. A very simple system, then we can not exclude, of course, that at the time of the rollout will not have been enriched by other options.

Wabetainfo assumed that the reactions to the messages will be released soon as an update server-side, therefore there is the need to update the app. At the moment it is not known a precise time for the start of the distribution, or if it will be done before on iOS, Android, or simultaneously on the two platforms. Tap to get the heart-reaction in peace, and wait, in short.