There will be a second movie of Sonic, it’s official. Paramount and SEGA itself have confirmed to Variety. There are still no information about the cast and plot, but you already know that the director and the writers will remain the same as in the first chapter, that is, Jeff Fowler, Pat Casey, and Josh Miller.

The news is anything but a surprise: despite the first reactions to poor, caused mainly by the appearance of Sonic, the film has become the adaptation of the videogame of the most successful in the history of cinema, surpassing even the Detective Pikachu. As understandably difficult, the choice to listen to the feedback of the public and delay the release of the film a few month to fix it was more than apt.

The original voice of Sonic in the first movie is Ben Schwartz. Despite the fact that, as we have said, there are not yet confirmations side casting, the latter has already commented on the news, which bodes well side continuity. It remains to be seen if we come back to see Jim Carrey in the role of Robotnik: it seems unlikely given the events of the first film, but you never know.


— Ben Schwartz (@rejectedjokes) May 28, 2020