Working with a child at home, this is not a simple one. Manava, the daughter of Arthur, Andreas, the son of Nikos Aliagas are guests in the lives of their dad. There, it was the turn of the Top Chef Noémie Honiat (candidate of season 3 in 2012) to manage his son Zachary (3 years old) while she was in the middle of shooting !

Friday, may 30, 2020, the wife of Quentin Bourdy (candidate of Top Chef in 2013) has prepared a new recipe for a live Facebook, the cookies ward off malevolent spirits. During the twenty-five minutes of filming, she has several times been interrupted by his son, who has made a mistake, and then has shown to be very inquisitive before you play the little suckers.

It all started when the boy began to speak to her mother while she was in the middle of a cooking class. “Sorry, I have my son who speaks next. Ten minutes before the demonstration, he played with the flour so suddenly I missed my little weigh-in, he was covered in flour and they were everywhere. So there he is in the process of cleaning up his stupidity”, she explained. It is then that she asks him if he wants to say hello, raise it up and shows his face. Rare !

A few minutes later, the little boy returned, and informed his mother that he had “cleaned up”. Mocking totally that it is live, he asked him where was his “surprise”. Noémie Honiat, patient, he then explained that it would take place when the cakes were ready. But Zechariah did not let go of the case and the stove was obliged to remind her that she was “online”. “You’re going to make me lose the thread”, she added.

The recipe was resumed and, a few moments later, the little boy is actually arguing. “Zachary, Evie, she sleeps ! Go to your room, close the door,” he has launched his mom. Quentin and Naomi are parents also for two years a little daughter, Evie. Of course, the toddler did not stay in his room, the call of the greed was too strong. Noémie Honiat had once again interrupted his live to taste it, “with the tongue not with the fingers”, the preparation.