The team of testing of the new products Facebook has launched a new app called Venue, which aims to provide an interactive experience for live events.

The app in question is not designed to show the live streaming of the events on the inside, but will serve as a hub for the so-called “venues” hosted by expert commentators, such as journalists, athletes and analysts, in which fans will be able to access while an event is in progress.

Since the app has been created in such a way that the fan may always remain focused on the event, the host can ping every time something happens that is important or memorable. You can do this by creating and publishing of the “Moments” that will be displayed in the form of comments, interactive questions, surveys, and short chat. In a sense, is how to follow the tweets from the live expert.

The Venue is the third app that the team in the NPE of Facebook launched this week. And just like the previous two, an app for collaborative video creation, musical, and another for group calls, only the voice may serve as a way to connect with friends and like-minded people during the enforced stay due to the COVID-19, although we fortunately, the restrictions have been considerably loosened.

For the launch of the Venue, Facebook has collaborated with NASCAR, making the race “Food City presents the Supermarket Heroes 500” to next Sunday, the first event available in the app.

The service is being tested in the USA.