According to new data, the mini-series “Defending Jacob” is the most popular program on the Apple TV+. The results arrive on the day of the last episode of this gripping thriller.

Defending Jacob, the TV series Apple TV+ with Chris Evans in the role of a lawyer whose teen son is accused of murdering a classmate, will end with a final episode today 29 may. The series, which combines elements of family drama, psychological thriller and trial procedures, is based on a novel by William Landay. Since Apple TV+ was launched in November 2019, none of its programs has emerged as a great success, but it seems that this new series is really super popular on the streaming service of Apple.

According to industry sources, Defending Jacob is placed among the first three series the most viewed on the Apple TV+ recording a great opening weekend with the spectators continued to grow in the second week, and even quintuplicarsi in its first 10 days (April 24-may 3), going well to rank between the two series in the most rapid growth for the Apple TV+.

It is not clear if the “sources” cited are from Apple or not, but Nellie Andreeva of Deadline has also reported that the series “is believed to be breaking records Apple TV+ for the involvement of viewers and the majority of those who watched the show in its weekend premiere have seen all the episodes.

AppleInsider has obtained additional data that seem to confirm that Defending Jacob is in fact the most popular program on the Apple platform. According to the research company Parrot Analytics, starting from the 28th of may, Defending Jacob has received an average rating higher than 29.1 times that of the average of the TV series in the United States.

According to Wade Payson-Denney, an analyst at Parrot Analytics, the Apple series is going very well, so much so that in their first week, the only shows to have beaten them in the United states, and the Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Mandolorian, Stranger Things, and The House of Paper.

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