After the rumors of the past few days, it’s official: Apple has launched four new colours of the Powerbeats Pro. As expected, these variants Spring Yellow, Cloud Pink, Lava Red and Glacier Blue. Remain completely unchanged hardware features of these earphones primarily intended for an audience more “sporty”. The same, even the sale price set at 250 euros.

The PowerBeats Pro are headsets “true wireless” with chip, the H1 , which offers a better autonomy and connectivity more stable in addition to the possibility of recall of the assistant voice of Apple through the voice command “Hey, Siry”. Have a case of charging far more cumbersome than that of the AirPods, without the possibility of wireless charging, but the battery life is much higher: 9 hours for each full charge of the headphones, while the battery case offers you other 15.

The PowerBeats Pro in-ear headphones with exchangeable earpieces, and then isolate it better from the external sound and better adapted to the shape of the ears of each, and have an adjustable headband that ensures stability even in extreme situations.