A judge dismissed the lawsuit for copyright infringement of “Servant”


The cause that he saw accused Apple and M. Night Shyamalan have copied the 2013 film “The Truth About Emanuel” with the “Servant” of the Apple TV + has been rejected, reports Variety.

A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit on the copyright, which was set against Apple and Shyamalan is the director Francesca Gregorin, who has stated that “a Servant is appropriate to the plot of his film and has used the same language of cinema“.

Gregorini has also stated that the Servant was in a “characters , scenes, choices, directorial and ways of telling a story strikingly similar“.

Released in 2013, “The Truth About Emanuel tells the story of a babysitter of 17 years, who takes care of a doll who replaces a dead child, which is also the plot of “Servant“. The judge eventually decided that the television show is not quite similar to the movie to merit a lawsuit, and that Gregorini has exaggerated the similarities between the two works.

“In summary, the alleged similarities between the works pale in comparison to the differences in the plot, themes, dialogue, mood, setting, in the rhythm, in the characters and in the sequence of events, and the Court concludes that the works in question are not substantially similar, “ reads the judgment.

Shyamalan and “Servant” have written that the series was in development prior to the publication of “The Truth About Emanuel”. Gregorini pointed on the profit for unspecified damages from Apple and an injunction to prevent the show would be further distributed.

The first season of “Servant” ended and it’s already been renewed for a second season.

Watch the trailer of “Servant” and “The Truth About Emanuel” below and let us know what you think: