Apple Sydney reopens and shows off a new look “futuristic”

The new look of Apple’s Sydney maintains the characteristic architecture of the store adopting the latest projects of retail sales of the company.

The redesigned Store has a Today at the Apple Forum with a video wall 8K, at the moment unusable because of the rules of distance yet still in force but, as soon as possible, the Store will launch a program engaging. Performances and exclusive workshops with leading artists are often held in the best shops Apple.

Apple Sydney

Every area of Apple’s Sydney was created with the new stainless steel panels. Even the glass facade on three floors of the shop will be a little brighter thanks to a lighting system completely new. The ceiling membrane – Apple’s name for the LED panels coated glass fabric braided – extends on each floor.

The old tile floor has been replaced with a floor as white more durable. A new meeting room behind the main staircase and a glass staircase will host guests with creative and business clients. On the third floor, there are even miniature versions of the green walls that characterize the nearby store Sydney, Apple Bondi.

Apple Sydney

When Apple Sydney opened in June 2008, it boasted the Genius Bar of the world’s largest and the largest plates of laminated glass of any other Store. The new renovation opens the way to the next decade of learning, product launch and support. The promise of Apple “updates creative,” the store has been maintained despite the challenges that were unimaginable at the beginning of the project.