YouTube has released the application Kids on Apple TV, for the happiness of all the children that will have an app full of content dedicated to them.


YouTube Kids is a streaming service aimed at children and that from today can also be seen via Apple TV, thanks to the dedicated app available on the app store. The app can also be used without an account.

One of the strengths of the service is the parental control that allows parents to set limits, view, content restrictions based on the age and other limits. All settings can be managed from the app YouTube Kids for your smartphone or tablet. For example, the YouTube Kids may be limited to videos and channels approved by their parents, or you can give fiduca to the children and to grant access to all the contents that are still designed for children.

YouTube Kids is divided into four different sections: Featured, Shows, Music and Learning. All of these sections have content selected and suitable for children.

The application is available free of charge on tvOS.