Will soon no longer be possible to ignore an update macOS

Apple, yesterday evening has released the macOS Catalina 10.15.5 and with it has changed the behavior of the command-line tool that monitors updates to the system.

Most of the users can update the system went into the System Preferences, but it is also possible to update the Mac through the Terminal by using a command – specifc.

This command is very old and is especially useful for Macs that are managed by remote, but also because it offers additional functionality. Using a specific parameter, it is possible to ignore a particular update, which makes it useful when we have to absolutely stay with a specific version of a program or system. But with macOS 10.15.5, Apple has decided to deprecate this option and a warning message warns that will be permanently removed in a future version of macOS.


At the time, the option still works in terminal, but not in System Preferences. If we add a specific update to the list of versions to ignore, will not be proposed by updating the Mac from the terminal, while if you open the panel dedicated to the updates in the System Preferences, the new version will be posted in a badge notification in the Dock.

It seems that Apple has applied this change only to macOS Catalina, the security updates for Mojave and the High Sierra were released yesterday evening, include the same warning.

Very likely the option will disappear completely with the arrival of macOS 10.16 and you can no longer ignore the updates via the Terminal. This choice of Apple is not surprising, since several years the company is encouraging more and more of your users to install the latest versions.