After the open letter with which the employees of the Drills denounced the situation of total insecurity they are experiencing, with the absence of a salary from the month of December, and the subsequent assurances of the first citizen James, his article’ through the press. Today went to the scene, according to what reported by Trapanigranata.en, before a meeting between the mayor and the employees of the club and then one with the management of the company to try to resolve the situation.

From the same site, the letter sent by the mayor to the city of Trapani:

The emergency Covid 19 has undermined the serenity of the world around the Soccer Drills. Net of the litigation between the past and the current management of the company, the goal of salvation had become in the meantime a commitment to pursue, with every possible energy, in the first place, to continue the dream and the desire of ransom’s football and sports of the city. Today on the table, and in the expectation of the evolution of the higher court proceedings – rassegnateci upcoming from the President of the Peace and executive Director of the Marine, the severe suffering of the employees and their families, without salary from the month of January – February, as well as professional providers charge in addition to the players the creditors from the month of March – April.
In the face of so much the Municipality of Trapani, to the net of the procedures of the rite will honour its previous commitments. In relation to so much of the warm invitation, together with the Councillor for Sports for the Win, advanced this morning to the executives of the company to meet immediately, make the best use of the balance of the expectations of the employees.
This is, in synthesis, the resultant of the meetings I had this morning with the employees of the Football Drills and to follow the leaders intervened in order to direct their dispute.
What is the future? The question that the employees, the fans and the sport on everyone’s minds, and that in the meeting tomorrow with a delegation of fans will be mail again and with force. At the same question, this morning, the response of the leaders of the company, which refers to the outcome of the litigation. Indeed, on the table of the judge into question even owned by the same company.
The municipal government will continue, as well as in these months in the record, to make its possible availability in support of the colors of garnet and today to avoid the worst.