Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are going to land on Steam. The PC versions of three acclaimed adventures of Quantic Dream, outputs some months, exclusive of time for the Epic Game Store, will arrive on the 18th of June on the platform of Valve.

The games will re-propose the original experiences of their counterparts for the console, adopting the redesigned interface and a graphics engine capable of achieving resolutions up to 4K, 60fps, and to produce high-quality rendering on a range of PCS. Confirmed support for mouse and keyboard in addition to the gamepad.

In anticipation of the June 18, Quantic Dream has made available on Steam on the trial of the three titles that deal with the first moments of the game. It is noted that at the time the reservations are not yet active: it is likely, however, that in the next few hours it will be possible to make the pre-order.

  • Heavy Rain – Demo Steam
  • Beyond: Two Souls -Demo Steam
  • Detroit: Become Human – Demo Steam