iOS 13.5 has already been “washing”: the collective of hackers Unc0ver has released the tool to jailbreak in the course of the weekend. It is based on a vulnerability 0-day that works with all versions of iOS from 11. The hackers say that the vulnerability is “safe” and has no major contraindications; more precisely:

  • Does not consume battery
  • Does not compromise the security of the sandbox-system
  • Not preclude the use of Apple service

Unc0ver has not released the source code of the tool nor explained in the detail the vulnerability exploited in the wild; it is easy to imagine why – Apple the shut with the next update and it will go back to the starting point. The “scene” of the jailbreak is no longer active, as in the first years of the existence of the iPhone: on the one hand Apple has made the process more and more complex, on the other, the maturity of the system (and also a few measured openness to third-party developers) have made it increasingly niche. At the end of 2018 has even closed Cydia, the main store virtual alternative to the App Store, which is based on the jailbreak.

iOS 13.5 was released last week. The main novelty is the support for the popular API for notifications of proximity”, that should assist in the tracking of the contacts in the recovery phase from the pandemic of COVID-19 without affecting the privacy of the users, developed in collaboration with Google.