The app Immune to the tracking of contacts during health emergencies, is a further step forward in view of the release. In the last few hours has been released the source code on GitHub. The developers and the Italian authorities have confirmed previously, the nature of open-source application and the news of the last hours of the confirmation.

On GitHub there are now four main sections to the App-Immune (see fig. HERE):

  • Immune-app-ios: the source code of the app for iOS
  • Immune-app-android: the source code of the app for Android
  • Immune-ci-scheduler: the source code for the system of scheduling of the app
  • Immune-documentation: contains the documentation of the app (in English)

The source code was released under license AGPL-3.0. At present I am not still active in the back-end services, i.e. the ones managed by the server of Sogei, and its code has not yet been made publicly available.

The premier Earl has spoken of “Immune” in a press conference on 16 may last year, confirming a start of the experimentation activities in the forthcoming; on the theme is returned to in the last few hours the deputy minister of health, Pierpaolo Silieri: in an interview with Radio 24 has confirmed the publication in the next 10-15 days, then in the first decade of June.

Remember that the project is mature from a technical point of view: with the arrival of iOS 13.5 and the update of Google Play Services, both the iPhone is the Android smartphone may in fact support the notifications of exposure to the virus. Remain untied the knots on security, illustrated by the parliamentary Committee which had an impact on the timing of the release.

The screens official app Immune taken from the published documentation on GitHub

Remain unchanged the cornerstones of the system of contact tracing Italian (all the details in the official FAQ of the MID):

  • The app Immune to it will not be mandatory but voluntary
  • The app does not use geolocation but only the Bluetooth
  • Not it will follow the movements
  • The data collected will be shared only with the authorization of the owner of the smartphone
  • All the data collected and shared with the central server managed by Sogei must be deleted as soon as possible and in any case not later than 31 December 2020

To contextualize the project are reminded that as from 4 may last year, is loosening the lockdown, from may 18 has been announced more openings, and on June 3, you could give the way to travel inter-regional. If the app is Immune to will come at the beginning of June will be one month from the start of formal Stage 2 – in an ideal world the app of contact tracing is one of the most important tools for a recovery in the security, in Italy it was not so.