Anker Nebula Capsules Max is the second generation of projectors developed by Anker, the chinese company that in recent years has been distinguished for careful attention in the creation of products that combine materials of excellent workmanship to design sought after. We have had the opportunity to test this protector for several weeks and after it is put sufficiently to the test we are ready to tell you all about it in this full review.

Anker Nebula Capsules Max: what is it?

There may seem a trivial question, but I swear to you that for months I had well realized what was this product and how it worked. I thought it was a common speaker to Bluetooth with some mysterious additional function. Probably thought this because I had never ventured much between the descriptions of the Anker Nebula Capsules Max. This product is certainly also a speaker and Bluetooth, but it is especially a projector of very high quality.

The advantage here is, however, twofold, given that one of the most innovative features of this solution resides in the built-in battery inside the Nebula which will then allow you to turn the food this ultra-compact projector, even in mobility. In this way, you can transform any wall in your TV perfect for enjoying film, TV series, YouTube videos and anything else. After this brief introduction, let us analyze in detail the characteristics of the product.


The Nebula Capsules Max is presented with a futuristic design and well-studied. Not only the eyes but also to the feel, as this product moved immediately a feeling of robustness and quality. It is probably not the portable projector the more light that exists, but you can carry with you without too much effort. Among other things, on Amazon there are practical cases that help further the task.

Let’s say that the aesthetic quality of the product can remember a HomePod with his storyline perforated and with its cylindrical design: exactly as on the speaker of the Apple, also, we find a rubber base on the bottom that allows you to avoid movements involuntary of the projector and also a control surface positioned in the upper part of the Nebula. Perhaps a tad too obvious is the front logo, but you get used to seeing them near the optics which produces the light beam during the projection. The control of the product can also be delegated to a handy remote control (batteries included, yeah!) or to iOS and Android smartphones, with a specific application that can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store.

On the back are space the power button and the button “switch” that allows you to switch from the projector to the speaker, along with the IR receiver for the remote control. Still further down, there is an AUX input for connecting headphones with cable, a HDMI port, a USB-to-C and of course the port for the charging of the battery.

The product is then intelligently equipped with a universal mounting for tripods, so you can rest with confidence and to better manage. This small detail – for me that has become indispensable – also allows you to take extreme angles to the projector, allowing for example to make the ceiling of the house, the perfect surface for our projections. And trust me, while you are in bed is really a crazy cool!


There is really so much to say about this product, then make yourself comfortable. We start with the more technical aspects related to the view: this is a projector with DLP technology, which projects images up to HD resolution (720p) , 200 ANSI lumens. Don’t be fooled by the resolution that may seem “outdated”, because clearly here we are not faced with an OLED 8K curved. The comparison fails because the main goal of this projector is to allow you to carry always with you his “function” in the easy way, and without the need of a fixed workstation and cables. There is also to say that with this projector you can emulate one screen up to 100 inches! Which is not little and, above all, I challenge you in the first place to find a 100-inch screen… and then take it in your bag with you.

Another aspect technically interesting lies in the auto-focus on offer from the Nebula: simply turn it on, point it at any surface and in a few moments he will optimize the diagonal projection and will focus on the interface. Everything works in excellent way and also changing the angle of the projection (just a little clearly, otherwise the image will inevitably be distorted).

What is projected though? Well, actually, need to talk about it. The interface of Anker Nebula Capsules Max is the result of a very light customization of the brand – which also has pre-installed some (few) apps by default – based on Android 8.1. The certification GMS allows the projector to access the main application via a dedicated “App Store”. From here you can configure the essential apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, Plex, Spotify, and many others. The latter will allow you to play streaming content through your projector, provided that you clearly have an active WiFi connection.

But not only that: through the mirroring for iOS and Android will be possible to duplicate the screen of your smartphone directly on the projector, as well as enable the desktop mode some Android smartphones. Not all content can be projected in a stream as it depends on the various apps on our smartphones. There are limitations related to copyright that, for example, do not permit the use of Disney Plus through the protocol AirPlay.


Otherwise, you can still connect to the Anker Nebula Capsules Max a USB stick with multimedia content inside (they must be opened by the app “document Management”) or you can use the projector as a video output for smartphones, tablets, computers and even consoles. Just a HDMI cable at the end!

As a last feature we want to mention the possibility to transform everything that we have described up to now in a “common” speaker Bluetooth. The listening quality will still be acceptable, but the sound is obviously not the equal of audio solutions, and dedicated, and it is sometimes a bit over the balance of bass, enough to “strangle” mids and highs. We speak, however, of the details, but in the case where the audio does not satisfy you, you can still connect your headphones cable or Bluetooth to the Nebula. So everyone is happy.


In terms of autonomy Anker Nebula Capsules Max is behaving in a way that really dear, being able almost always to guarantee the autonomy declared by the manufacturer (4 hours of video playback in the local, and without WiFi connection active, and about 3 hours playback streaming).

Clearly these numbers affect not just the sectarians that you choose through the Android settings TV. In all of this, if we want to find a “defect” in this product, we would have liked to be able to load the product on-the-go via a powerbank, but the port DC-IN doesn’t allow this in an easy manner, obliging us to have recourse to a more traditional outlet. With a USB-to-C (but also a microUSB) it would be possible to extend the life useful of a product, without the need for going home. Sorry a little bit, but it is so and there is little to do!

Anker Nebula Capsules Max: at what cost?

Given that the product is truly premium, both because of the capabilities it offers and for the overall quality, Anker Nebula Capsules Max has a reasonable price premium. However, in the last period the amount of money needed to take home this product is steadily declining, so with the right sense of the business you can grab a good offer on this projector. Anke Nebula Capsules is currently available for 499€. If you are interested, you can proceed with the purchase from this link. We highly recommend this product to anyone who travels often and wants to carry always with his films and TV series favorites and enjoy them on screens larger than a tablet or PC.

At the time of writing the article, the product is also sold with a £ 100 discount, which applies directly on Amazon with a code provided by the company itself! You can find all the information on the product page! At this price it is more advisable!


Anker Nebula Capsules Max is the portable projector definitive that allows you to always carry in your pocket (well, maybe not an exaggeration) of your TV series and movies along with a screen up to 100 inches. Includes everything you need to enjoy the best of your content and thanks to the integrated battery, does not need cables to be used. The price, however, is definitely not content.

  • Video quality
  • Audio quality
  • Battery
  • Design
  • Price