Top 5 Week 21 2020: the best articles of Androidblog @BitFeedCo.

We arrived at our usual Sunday appointment with the address book in the Top 5 Week 21 2020.

1) Google the Meet takes advantage of the moment and is in excess of 50 million downloads on the Play Store

Google Meet

Let’s start the rundown of the Top 5 Week 21 2020 talking about Google Meet. One of the consequences of the lockdown general that we have lived up to a few days ago was the rise of video conferencing. The two main applications have seen incredible growth on the Play Store, you can Zoom in and Google Meet. It has had a major growth after the decision of Google to make this service free to all. In essence, if your Zoom Cloud Meetings does not convince you know that there is a viable free alternative.

2) Amazon the First Day it may have been moved to September

Amazon Prime Day 2019

In spite of the coronavirus has not impacted much on the finances of the Amazon (indeed, the revenue apparently increased), this pandemic has impacted so far on almost all of the tech events of this early 2020, and, as it seems, the First Day should be affected, given that it could be moved to September. Apparently this delay will allow Amazon to create space for more inventory and prepare for shipment of most types of products, following the recent restrictions on shipping only for certain items “essential”.

3) Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition official: shell rugged and certifications, high-level

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition

Samsung has announced this week the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition, which is a special version that does not change any technical specification than the standard model but adds a few features that are optimized for the use in “any environment tactical”.

4) Huawei P40 Lite 5G official: specs and price

Huawei P40 Lite 5G

Huawei has announced a new model in its series of smartphone P40: the case of Huawei P40 Lite 5G, an updated version of the P40 Lite, which the company launched two months ago. This new device features an SoC up to date, a main camera better and, of course, support networks 5G.

5) OnePlus and McLaren end their partnership


We end our roundup of the Top 5 Week 21 2020 with OnePlus, who apparently will not release more phones in limited editions in collaboration with McLaren.

And for this week is all about. Appointment next Sunday with the book Top 5 Week 22 2020.

Top 5 Week 21 2020: the best articles of Androidblog @BitFeedCo.