The CEO of Google wants to partner with Apple for new projects


The ceo of Google has recently met with Steven Levy of Wired for an interview in which he talked about various topics ranging from the remote job toAPI-tracking contacts, Apple-Google, created to help stop the spread of the coronavirus and released on Wednesday.

When asked if the partnership could “open the floodgates” to further collaboration between the companies, Pichai has stated that it is “committed to finding other opportunities” for this to happen, adding that even the CEO of Apple has the same intention.

“Large companies working together in the service of the company, they really do good in the world,” said Pichai to Wired.

A partnership of the public so close between the two titans is not common. A report in April that describes in detail the development of the framework indicated that, although the initial work was separate, Google has joined in quite quickly.

“Both teams have started independently working on the technology to support the health agencies in their job search contacts”, said Pichai. “Very quickly, both parties have realized that in order to function well must be available everywhere.”

From there, the team of engineers at Apple and Google have started to get in contact with each other. At a certain point, said Pichai, he and Cook decided to talk directly. Once finalized, the framework, the two CEO’s have given their final seal of approval.

The head of Google has expanded some of the strong protections of the privacy included in the API, stating that the opt-in framework is an important aspect of the process.

The question of whether the track of the contacts will not be effective because of the opt-in, Pichai said that the system could have a significant impact on the mitigation of the virus even if only 10-20% of users participates.

“We also realized that we need to provide users with real guarantees of privacy,” he said. “I think that we have achieved the right balance.”