Sundar Pichai, Google CEO and Alphabet, said to be willing to engage to find other opportunities for cooperation with Apple in addition to the notification system of the exposure launched a few days ago.

Sundar Pichai apple

The ceo of Google has recently met with Steven Levy of Wired to talk about topics ranging from the work in the remote API, tracking of contacts made with Apple to try to contain the spread of the pandemic COVID-19.

When asked if the partnership could “open the floodgates” to further collaboration between the companies, Sundar Pichai has stated that it is “committed to finding other opportunities” for this to happen, adding that even Tim Cook seems to be oriented on the same street. “Large companies working together in the service of the company, they really do good in the world”.

Partnerships are so important between two multinational companies are very rare, but the health situation of the world has pushed Apple and Google to work together with the goal to release the now famous API of notification of the exposure. The two companies have worked well, so much so that the two CEO would like to talk about future opportunities of collaboration.

With regard to these APIS, the Google CEO said that the teams of the two companies had started to work independently, but soon after they realized that in order to work well , there was a need for a cross-platform integration. It took a few meetings between the executives of the two companies to find an agreement and start working together. To speed up the start of the work, Pichai and Tim Cook decided to speak directly to give the guidelines of this new project.

Pichai has also admitted that since then, it has met several times with Tim Cook and that there is a good chance that the two companies cooperate in the future in other areas.

With regard to the operation of this tracking system contact, Pichai believes that the system will have a significant impact on the mitigation of the virus, even if it was only used by 10-20% of users.