After the award-winning Rumble Stars Football team Frogmind back on the App Store with a title that takes us this time in the fast-paced world of hockey. Here’s to you Rumble Hockey!

rumble hockey

In the new title Frogmind, we need to create our bizarre team Rumbler up the world rankings in a title in PvP is very satisfying for its game mechanics. Each rumbler is equipped with specific skills that must be combined with intelligence to be able to score the goal, evading the opponent’s defense. We will face players in flesh and bones in real-time, and our victories we will obtain prestige points and climb the world rankings.

There are of course the love/hate lootbox, that allow us to acquire new rumbler in a random way; such lootbox can of course be purchased with real money, thus increasing our chances of getting rumbler unique. We can then empower our rumbler to make them even more formidable in the attacking phase.

rumble hockey gameplay

Rumble Hockey is available free of charge for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS operating system 10 or later, with much of the localization in the Italian language. Are you ready to build your own team of stars and get to the top of the leaderboard?

Rumble Hockey – FREE