Today we talk about Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite (as always, the names of Samsung are very long) that can be distinguished from more powerful and expensive Galaxy S6, which we have already proposed the review.

Every time I happen to review a tablet I wonder who it might serve: to work/study with a notebook light it seems to me more functional, and for entertainment, now the smartphone huge to cover every need, and yet in Italy, the tablet still have a good market and if some companies (Samsung and Huawei) will continue to believe, and evidently the fans of the big screens there.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite comes on the market at an attractive price and in the next few months could become even more palatable, perhaps at Christmas as a gift for the whole family. It is not a tablet that had me amazed for something in particular, it is in the media, but in the good sense of the term, because it goes well a little bit for everyone, it works as it should, it supports the S-Pen, it does not cost too much and has a design that is well-deserved. I would define him the tablet of “why not?”.

  • #S-PEN

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite is a tablet soon, the frame is aluminum and the quality is clearly perceived to the touch. I liked the rounded corners that make it pleasant to handle and they match perfectly with the rounded corners of the display.

And’ well finished, elegant, beautiful colouring, but, above all, the feeling is of great robustness, in spite of just 7 mm thick and 467 grams of weight (which are few compared to the size). The front stands out with the large 10.4-inch display surrounded by frames symmetrical on all 4 sides and of the right thickness. enough to handle but without spoiling the design.

Compared to the last generation of Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (review) solved the annoying problem of the brightness sensor that was under the palm of the hand when holding the tablet horizontally, it has now been moved to the long side, a point that is never covered.

On the short sides are place in the port jack audio 3.5 mm, the grids of the output of two speakers and a charging port Type-C no video output. On the right side, along the volume rocker, power button and tray for nano SIM in the version of WiFi + LTE.

Missing spectacularly, a fingerprint reader, the only unlock method is a deceiving face recognition, a really inexplicable that of the Samsung.

On the long side and at the lower rear, we can place magnetically the S-Pen that will remain in its place so solidly, however, if storing in a backpack, it is easy to fall off. The ideal is surely to bring the Book Cover that was a tribute to the presale stage.


One of the best things of this Tab S6 Lite, is made with care, protects and is functional also as a stand to hold the tablet in vertical position.

Now it costs 79 Euro, many but it is worth to decidedly increase the comfort of use. It has a housing magnet to the S-Pen and in the same way it sticks to the tablet very securely. Then there are the two different inclinations that are possible for the vertical position that you select, again with magnets.

The outer material is plastic with a rubberised finish that further facilitates the grip. I honestly could not ask for better, if not maybe a price a bit more accessible.


I would say, is two-sided, one side certainly is the superb sound quality offered by the dual-speaker tuned by AKG, the other with a display just enough.

From Samsung I would have expected the opposite, namely a display of excellent quality. In reality, it is not very bright, and even the definition is good considering the diagonal. It is a TFT LCD 1200 x 2000 pixels, which results in a density of 224 ppi

This screen makes the tablet unsuitable for outdoor use, there is no HDR support for which fans of the film and the TV series do not expect much in terms of vision. All in all, however, I confirm what I said at the beginning of the review, is a tablet in the media, Samsung could have done more, but overall, the result is not bad, certainly not the AMOLED of the elder brother is another story.

Excellent around the sector of audio, there is the eq for Dolby Atmos speakerwhile in the headset, we can adjust very finely the output according to the configuration of the anatomical of our learned ear canal, that is to say adjust the equalization on the basis of the preset on the age of the user or in a way that is completely custom.

As on all the Samsung devices is particularly well-managed Bluetooth 5.0, while also allowing simultaneous playback on multiple devices.

  • SoC: octa-core Exynos 9611
  • Display: 10.4″ TFT with a resolution of WUXGA+ (2400×1200 pixels)
  • Memory:

    • 4GB of RAM
    • 64GB of storage memory expandable via microSD up to 1TB
  • Camera:

    • Rear: 8MP
    • Front: 5MP
  • Connectivity. Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac 2.4 G + 5GHz, VHT80 MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi Direct, LTE (only variants supported), 3.5 mm jack, USB Type-C
  • Battery: 7040 mAh
  • Audio: stereo AKG + 3.5 mm jack
  • Dimensions and weight:

    • 244,5 x 154.3 x 7.0 mm
    • 467 grams
  • Operating system Android 10 with customization software One UI 2.1, and support the S-Pen

It is not a lightning war, it was to be expected and a bit, I think both the neo more on the whole package, together, clearly the display is so-so. A Snapdragon 730, for example, could be a more appropriate solution to the product and allowed to have a sprint in most of every situation of use.

It is not so much gaming (but just enough) which left me puzzled, but rather the general reactivity in the small things, from opening a PDF file to save an edited image, limps, he does everything with his times and will not abandon you, but it takes a little too much patience for my taste.

I make here a brief reference to the cameras, if they are not even evil, certainly more than enough for video calling or for a photo in the yard, for the rest a basic smartphone is capable certainly of doing better.

Talking about autonomy, I have good news, difficult to assess how much it can remain on a product that you use from time to time, let’s say that exploiting it in the evening on the sofa you can forget to charge it for 5-6 days, 8 hours, display active within his capacity, and for a continued use you skim over the two full days, I would say very well.

It is probably the first real reason to choose this tablet rather than other competitors, and in fact makes the difference in many contexts of use, and is implemented by Samsung.

First of all, the S-Pen is supplied in the package, which already changes the approach compared (I choose one (not a case)for Apple iPad 10.2″, supports 4096 levels of pressure, with the usual feedback natural in the scroll.

The display is not laminated, and this creates a small offset between the stroke and the tip of the stylus, nothing, however, that can worsen the experience of drawing or writing, whereas that for precision work is addressed more easily at the Tab S6 with its AMOLED quality.

Personally I am not very well in the practice of writing on a screen, I never do that and I think it is a matter of habit. Samsung, however, has kept a lot of the possibilities offered by the application Notes, so the pen is not a simple tool of interaction with the screen, but boost the functionality offered by the tablet.

We can create complex documents, save them as PDF files, print them, edit them later. I imagined a typical scenario in a university environment, while you have to take notes in a lesson confusing of a professor who alternates between slides and theoretical explanations.

With Tab S6 Lite you can keep open the presentation on the middle screen, at the other end with the nib writes, adding cutouts of screenshots, it adds an image taken directly with the camera, then a link to an audio file, you draw a chart and all you can do in an orderly and clean back on the individual items to move, rotate, resize them.

For your convenience we will list the features of the S-Pen combined with the Samsung software

  • Create screenshots by cropping portions of the screen
  • Write on the screenshot in full screen
  • Take notes on the calendar view
  • Translate text by pointing
  • Create a message and live as a GIF and share it
  • Minimize a window and recall it later
  • Extract text from the screenshot
  • Automatically select the outline of an image (for example the cropping of the human figure in a portrait)
  • Edit PDF files (to complete it, add signature etc)

Inside of the Samsung apps like Notes

  • Write free-hand
  • Draw free hand
  • To convert the handwritten text to typed text
  • Change the colour of the written text
  • Select as an image any element and resize it or reposition it to your liking
  • Draw precise geometrical shapes
  • Use the pen as a rubber

Aboard Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite find the Samsung One UI 2.1, the latest version of the software rather rich that we have come to know about the latest Galaxy S20.

Unfortunately I don’t have much to report if not the lack of the mode DeX via USB and internal, a real shame because it would give a good boost to productivity. There is, however, to say the modest hardware available would not have probably been able to ensure a good user experience in multitasking, so all in all, patience.

For the rest we find the usual functions, well-made and great attention to graphics that we are used to. It was reserved a particular attention for multitasking with a sidebar is always available (which, however, is in conflict with the gesture when activated) from which to retrieve the app that you can open in split-screen mode, it is possible, however, to other applications, floating windows are resizable.

There is complete suite for the management of control the parents through the Google Family Link, you can set many variables to the limits of use of the tablet with the account of your son, possibly also with a double profile of access to the tablet, with applications and customizing diverse than the primary user. Directly from the lock screen, it is then possible to switch from one user to another.

In addition to parental control is also available in the Samsung apps Kids, which creates a protected space for young children, with graphics, sounds, and applications dedicated to entertainment.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite is offered at 399 Euro list, rising to 459 Euro for the variant of LTE. After having used it for ten days I can reputarmi satisfied, it is not perfect, and I think that Samsung could have put something more without having to raise the positioning, for example, an IPS screen and a processor more powerful.

shim.gif Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e T720 (10,5 Inches) Wi-Fi Black


405.3€ See offer
shim.gif Samsung T860N Galaxy S6 Wi-Fi (Gray)


656€ See offer

Overall, however, it remains a good solution for those who are interested in S-Pen, or looking for a tablet all-rounder that can be spent in different situations. Thinking of the lineup of Samsung I have to say that the Galaxy Tab S5e remains a valid alternative for all eventualities but without S-Pen, while to get a product that is really complete under all points of view need to up the budget by looking at the Tab S6.

shim.gifModern Designshim.gifS-Penshim.gifSoftware full
shim.gifPoor performanceshim.gifLack Samsung DeXshim.gifDisplay only sufficient