Miky is a password manager oriented towards security @BitFeedCo.

The password manager app for 2FA are extremely important. From the cloud to self-hosting and offline, there are several approaches that seek to balance convenience and safety, and each of us will weigh in a different way, and choose what it considers to be the best. In addition to the usual LastPass, 1Password and Keypass, today I want to talk about the password manager called Miky.

This is not an absolute novelty in the field of the password manager, as they are now a couple of years is available on Android. Its peculiarity, however, is that, unlike many others, makes a choice, most safety-oriented by saving all of the sensitive data (user names, passwords and private notes) within the smartphone in an encrypted way according to the technical end-to-end.

In addition to this, the safety lies in the fact that the identity is linked to the number of telephone as the first means of authentication. But to get access to all the data, any hacker would need the file Metcard encrypted, the telephone number to get a verification SMS, and the PIN chosen for the unlock. This requirement to three factors is what makes Miky one of the password manager is more secure on Android.

With the update to version 1.27 then, the developers have implemented support for Biometric Android API 10 (what is already present on LastPass), which means that the typing of the PIN can be replaced by fingerprint or, in the case your smartphone supports it, by facial recognition in 3D (as, for example, Pixel 4).

In case you have not yet received the update notification on your smartphone, just click on our link below which will take you directly to the dedicated page on the Play Store.

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Miky is a password manager oriented towards security @BitFeedCo.