After the arrival of the new section of the guides on the content dedicated to wellness, this week’s Instagram shared an update of its guidelines on the use of the music in the video, including the live broadcasts.

The company aims to clarify any restrictions and how to avoid them, to make it easier for the users understanding of the boundary between acceptable content, and risky for the publication. In addition, the company has introduced a new alert that warns users of a possible block of content.

Therefore, the main work has been done on the improvement of the notifications, in-app alert, which from today will show clearly the problem and will solve it in advance. Instagram has also wanted to explain the general rules for the use of the music in the video and in live broadcasts, for example by urging the use of audio extracts in place of the tracks complete, since the latter are more at risk for copyright infringement.

Also, Instagram warns that the video should never give priority to the audio content but to always present a visual element of relief. This and other details have been clarified and explained in detail, if you want to learn more, we recommend you to consult the original publication in the SOURCE.

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