The analyst Gene Munster of Loup Ventures believes that the next Apple Glass will focus a lot on design, and that this aspect could contribute to the success of the new device.

apple glass

The Apple Glass should have a very stylish design similar to a pair of glasses classic Wayfarer Ray-Ban, at least according to the latest rumor.

Both objectives should then have a display and there are components of the “projector”, given that Apple will use the technology in-display. The goal of Apple is to propose a device that looks like glasses classic, without cameras or other visible elements that disrupt the elegance. The first model will be very simple, a bit’ as happened with the Apple Watch the original, which had limited functions and was in need of an iPhone connected to take advantage of the various functions. The price starts from 499$, but the cost could increase for versions with prescription lenses.

Today, analyst Gene Munster says that the design of these glasses will be fundamental to their success and that, on this point Apple should not have problems:

The history of Apple with wearable devices, which dates back to the EarPods, gives us confidence that the company will open the road of the category of the glasses AR to be able to wear without sacrificing fashion and design.

The new EarPods have become a symbol of fashion thanks to their design and the fact that they were created to stand out. It is a legacy that the AirPods have taken in the inheritance, continuing to be a status symbol.

Between the other, now Apple has a great experience in the field of wearable computing, as evidenced by the sales success of the various Apple Watch and AirPods: “In all of its ecosystems of products, software or hardware, Apple has monetized its advantage of planning to achieve quickly success.“

Finally, Munster expects that the wearable devices will become ever more important in the field of personal computing, with glasses of Apple could have a real leading role in the coming years: “Apple is well-positioned to dominate the future of the personal computer“, concluded the analyst.