In the time that used to read this sentence, Epic Games has already earned about 250 dollars thanks to Fortnite. The king of the battle royale is a free-to-play and grinding more than 3000 euro per minute, thanks to a huge base of users that are willing to invest real money to win items or customizations.

MusicMagpie provides a tool (can be found at the link in the SOURCE) that allows you to view a real-time simulation of the proceeds related to sales of copies, subscriptions, microtransactions, and any in-game purchases, by crossing several data.

Within this ranking are, of course, Fortnite on the throne, followed by the fighting game Dungeon Fighter Online (which has a particular following in Asia) with about 2.800 euro per minute: more than a giant such as League of Legends, which apparently must be content with third place (2.600 euros per minute). Interesting to note how it is three titles are free-to-play: this may be more of a clue as to what we can expect in the future of the gaming industry. And let’s not forget that Epic Games has made it through his Store available to download free of charge (although for a limited period of time) a best-seller like GTA V, and Civilization VI.