Citra 3DS is the first Android emulator support Nintendo 3DS @BitFeedCo.

Android is fertile ground for many types of users, but there is one that stands out more than others in view of the incompatibility of any solution with iOS: those who love to play titles from the past via emulation. From PPSSPP and Dolphin in RetroArch, the app that allow you to emulate the great consoles of the years ’80 and ’90 are many, but only one is the one that lets you emulate the games of the Nintendo 3DSwe are talking about the new Citra 3DS for Android.

The development of Citra 3DS for Android dates back to several months ago, with a community of fans that have been waiting for the release of the final version and is stable on the emulator by a lot.

There are many features in the final version was released in these hours that were not available in the initial release beta and all these work to provide an experience of emulation of the Nintendo 3DS all the effects. This includes the support for amiibo, the motion controls, the support for the microphone and camera, and support for gamepad, just to name a few.

The team behind the emulator Citra 3DS has documented and published the history of the entire development process on their website, in which is explored the way in which the two previous porting non-official, have influenced the development of this version the official.

If you are a fan of the thing, you’ll recall that the first attempt of emulation of Nintendo games 3DS on Android has worked just barely because it was slow and had many problems. The second versions of the porting are not official, and they are much better in terms of performance, but the average user will probably want to follow the build drivers that are now available.

Currently, the team behind Citra 3DS is recommended that a smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835 or the upper, although the performance will depend heavily on drivers GPU on the device. In general, devices with the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon will perform the Citra better devices Samsung Exynos processor or HiSilicon Kirin. The smartphone must also have at least Android 8.0 Oreos and support OpenGL ES 3.2.

In case you would like to download Citra 3DS for Android, just click on the following link. Also, if you want you can also contribute to the development through the campaign Patron.

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Citra 3DS is the first Android emulator support Nintendo 3DS @BitFeedCo.