A coalition of technology companies, including a group that represents Apple, is asking the Congress to protect the history of the browser user from the collection of data without any warranty.

raccolta dati

In may, an amendment to the Freedom Reauthorization Act of the United States demanded that the Department of Justice before obtaining the data of browsing histories and search a user it was necessary to have a mandate, but this amendment is not passed in the U.s. Senate for a vote. Now, while the house of representatives of the United States consider the act, technology companies ask you to add this protection to the bill.

Last Friday, Mozilla, Reddit and Twitter have written a letter to the leader of the house urging them to explicitly ban the collection without guarantee of data and research by browsing the Internet. In addition to the entities mentioned above, also the group of defence Reform Government Surveillance, which represents major technology companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook, signed the letter.

In addition, a group of over 50 organizations for civil liberties has also signed a letter, last 18 may, and sent to the leader of the house to adopt the protections against this data collection, without any warranty.

The Freedom Reauthorization Act of the United States would want to authorize again the main laws of surveillance in the United States, including some dating back to the Patriot Act of 2001.