In recent months you may have noticed a series of leaks related to the features that come with iOS 14: the changes to the management of the password, through the “Clips” and the QR owners, down to the details on Apple AR. All these information are attributable to a pre-release version of the new operating system of Cupertino for its iPhone that is circulating in the network for a few months.

The colleagues of Vice Motherboard have tried to reconstruct the timing and mode of dissemination of this leak that is unprecedented in the history of Apple: if at the hardware level, the information is always filtered, and it is true that we now know almost everything of the next iPhone 12, on a software level however, there are episodes that are comparable.

According to the reconstruction of the Motherboard, internal sources to the community to do would have confirmed that this version of iOS 14 is a supply center of Apple in China, where it has been abstracted a prototype of the iPhone 12 and then later sold to someone who bought it for “thousands of dollars” – the figure is not in a better position. The build internal in the device and subsequently extracted is dated December 2019. This means that it is very far from the final version, but it is still a valuable tool to be able to start studying well in advance the vulnerabilities of iOS 14: and, in fact, of the existence of this build’s colleagues from the Motherboard and have found many confirmations within the community of security researchers.

With every probability in Cupertino are aware of the situation for a long time: we will see that countermeasures will take, and how effective, to prevent episodes like this from happening in the future.