On the Disney Plus arrived to surprise Zenimation, a series of short films based on classic Disney animated film that we could define ASMR: the place of the original dialogues, the original soundtrack of the songs there are sounds and environmental sounds are realistic and relaxing.

The episodes that comprise the first station Zenimation are in all ten, each lasting between five and seven minutes, and is focused on a theme – for example the flight, the nature, the water, and so on. The official trailer might help you to understand what it is, but if you don’t know what it means ASMR, we did an article and a video analysis.

The idea has, therefore, allowed Disney to create about an hour of new content at virtually zero cost. There was no need to turn nothing new: the team is enough to take sequences already existing, and insert an audio track with sound effects, of which it is easy to imagine that a giant the likes of Disney will have libraries upon libraries be exterminated.

It is one of the many examples of adaptation in the entertainment industry, the emergency coronavirus: the quarantine has blocked almost all the shots, and a lot of people forced to home has more and more hungry for content.

< Phase relaxation initiated > Start watching all the episodes of #Zenimation, an Original Series @DisneyAnimation, streaming now on #DisneyPlus. pic.twitter.com/ECcemycFw2

— Disney+ IT (@DisneyPlusIT) May 22, 2020