Cobra Mobile announced the arrival of the Towers of Everland, a game published exclusively for the Apple platform Arcade, with the ambition to combine the genre of RPG, a first person view and different items from the dungeon crawler.

Towers of Everland alternates sessions of free exploration within the dungeons and environments in the outdoors, especially offices of shades, colors, and landscape elements, stylized. Needless to say, because the design manages to marry well with the many sessions of action, including a blow well aimed and a dodge, the role-playing elements make the adventure enjoyable and fun to play, with a great variety of weapons, gold to spend, enemies to fight, and towers to climb.

  • Many companies from complete.
  • An adventure all to live in.
  • Weapons to discover.
  • Equipment to enhance and boats.
  • Skills to master.
  • Levels of difficulty to conquer.
  • Guilds to unlock and power-ups galore.

Towers of Everland is a game accessible by all, full, and it also offers a system of guilds for those who want to play in a group. However, since it is an Apple exclusive Arcade, you’ll have to be in possession of a monthly subscription – 4,99 euros – or annually – the latter will let you save 10 euros per year – with which you can play this and many other titles available in the catalog.

  • Towers of Everland | Apple Arcade | iTunes App Store, Download (subscription)