Apparently a build leaked iOS 14, probably obtained inside the supply chain of Apple in China, it circulates in the circles of jailbreaking and hacking iPhone already from the month of February.

Although the leaks about the next Apple products are not rare to be seen, but sources in the community jailbreaking claim that the leak of the build of iOS 14 is the “first time ever” that a full version of the software not yet released by Apple to come out with so many months in advance.

These sources say that a prototype of the next iPhone in development with a first version of the software has been obtained from the supply chain of Apple in China. It seems that this is purchased by someone for “thousands of dollars” and then from this device is extracted from the build’s internal iOS 14, dated December 2019.

Some security researchers independent have also confirmed to Motherboard that the first build of iOS 14 has been given to the security researchers so that they could take a look in advance at the code to see if there were any inside of the vulnerability. Others, however, have purchased the code build on the platform of the chinese Weibo. Of course, the build leaked is one iteration at a very early of the next update to Apple, so there’s a good chance that many things will change in iOS 14 from here until its release date, which will take place between September and October 2020.

Motherboard also notes that there is a hashtag on Twitter – #AppleInternals – which is used for the trading of code, hardware, and documents the Apple leaked. The current version of iOS 14 leaked appeared on the market, but is also exchanged between the networks of security researchers and do. This build would be a “verbatim copy” of the one being installed on a device with root access enabled.

Since February, there has been a steady stream of leaks about the hardware and features Apple’s arrival in iOS 14, the losses that they said they came from a build internal iOS 14, and apparently seems to be true.

It is, therefore, a serious problem for Apple, but it is not the first time that happens a similar thing, in fact, that in 2019, a survey has found out that there was a grey market for the iPhone dev-fused” illegally smuggled illegally from Apple’s facilities. Once resold, the scientists make use of these iPhone development to work on iOS in search of security vulnerabilities.