The best 2020 games to download on Android @BitFeedCo.

The world of video games for smartphones, in the mobile area, is growing year by year and also the catalog of Google Play expands with more and more games rich in both graphical and of variety, there are games for every type of audience and for all tastes.

Let’s see those launched or expanded recently and you have managed to make enough noise during 2020.

Legends of Runeterra

This is one of the best games of the first half of the year, a card game of League of Legends, known throughout the world. This version manages to become addicting from the first moment, the mechanics of Legends of Runeterra is not easy but very fun, especially for fans of the genre.


It is not a game born this year, we know, but finally it is possible to download Provided also on Android. There is not much to say about the game of Battle Royale’s most well-known all over the planet, keep in mind, however, that to download it on an Android device you need to have a smartphone rather powerful, otherwise it will not be possible to play in a fluid way.

Idle Digging Tycoon

An app that is quite curious, in fact, we must repeatedly click on the screen to build different buildings, the more you play the more you win, and with the earned gold we can continue to build. Ideal to fill dead time.

The Seven Deadly Sins: The Grand Cross

An attempt to bring smartphone, the charm of the anime, focusing on the quality of the graphics. This is one of the most cared for of the year and that was a lot of waiting.

The game allows you to make combat turn-based in which they are chosen, hand in hand, different cards abilities with which to attack, defend and cast spells. Different missions, a good operation and, not least, the possibility to download it for free.

Shadowgun War Games

If you like FPS games (First-Person Shooter), you can not try this. Developed by Madfinger Games is an app that for years has happened in the context of the mobile platforms. Groups of four players that compete between them, reminiscent of a Overwatch in miniature. Also in this case, the game is available on Android for free but you can pay to add skins and other items that allow you to customize the characters.

Online Casino

Lovers of casino games can try their luck even from their smartphone. The casinos offer a large variety of games with which to pass the time. Over the years, the bingo, roulette or slot machines have become the most popular together with variants as well known as the poker. With time the variety of casino games has evolved as well as the quality of the graphics and the ability to entertain the player with dynamic eye-catching.

Many online casinos offer the chance to start playing in “demo mode”, that is, without play for real money to familiarize yourself with the portal and get to know better the different types of games available.

Trick me

A very different game from the ones mentioned until now, it is a valid tool to test the wits and train the skills of logic and problem solving. Tests, puzzles, sudoku, and different challenges to practice your mental agility. Free for Android with some payment sections.

Slap King

As the name says, the dynamic of the game is to give slaps the virtual in the face of the opponent. The challenge is to find the right moment to surprise the opponent and hit him with the right intensity. A valuable ally to vent the repressed anger.

The best 2020 games to download on Android @BitFeedCo.