Source code of the kernel available for Bikes G8 Play and Nubia Play 5G @BitFeedCo.

Motorola is continuing in the process of release of the kernel sources related to Android 10 for its smartphones. After they are released to the Bike G7, now is the rate of Motion the G8 Play. It also adds to the Nubia Play 5G.

For the uninitiated, the publication of the kernel sources is a mandatory step for all producers who want to use the Android operating system.

Google takes a major version of the Linux kernel, and then the change to support the latest version of Android, calling it a “common kernel, Android”. Chipset manufacturers, therefore, take the common kernel, Android and modify it further to create a specific kernel for their Socs. The OEM, therefore, take the specific kernel of the SoC and make additional changes to support their hardware, or the components of the supplier extra: this is a kernel specific to the device.

The release for Moto G8 Play and Nubia Play 5G is great news also because the two smartphones come with, from factory, Android 9 Pie. This means that they can count on the Project to Treble, wanted by Google to simplify the release of updates and, in an indirect way, to make it much more easy the development of Custom ROMS.

From the point of view of the users, the source code of the kernel does not have any direct utility, since they can’t be used if not as described above.

At this point you need to wait for the team at TWRP releases its own version of the Custom Recovery in order to have all the pieces necessary to delve into the world of modding.

Anyway, in case you’re interested, here below we leave you the link for the download:

  • Moto G8 Play | Download kernel
  • Nubia Play 5G | Download kernel

Source code of the kernel available for Bikes G8 Play and Nubia Play 5G @BitFeedCo.