OnePlus and McLaren end their partnership @BitFeedCo.

We still have no official confirmation, but OnePlus has disappeared from the list of official partners of the McLaren Racing team. With the smartphone manufacturer, which has left the list, this silent change marks apparently the end of a partnership between the two companies that dates back to 2018.

Earlier, OnePlus was using the McLaren name to the top of the range the most premium of its range, such as 6T Mclaren Edition, and 7T Pro McLaren 5G (photo). These smartphones, besides having the best specifications available on the market, offer them a design that is more streamlined and additional features such as more RAM or support for the 5G.

Even the wild Concept One we saw at CES, or the one with a cover for the camera in the glass transition and a back leather orange papaya clearly influenced by McLaren, has been designed and branded in collaboration with the team of motor racing.

It must be said that these smartphones particular, in addition to being the best of the entire catalogue of the chinese giant, were also the most expensive year on year. This means that the basin of users to which will a smartphone super premium OnePlus will not be very large.

In any case, with OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro you have reached a level of build quality is very high, despite having no exotic materials and colors, allows it to combine technical components of the highest level and a construction premium (which is also reflected in the sales price, the highest ever for the company).

Waiting to receive official information on this alleged termination of the partnership between OnePlus and McLaren, we want to remember that OnePlus may launch earphones TWS-style “AirPods” in July.


OnePlus and McLaren end their partnership @BitFeedCo.